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Ground Rules

  • Flat or fixed collars, head halters, or harnesses ONLY to be used on the grounds. Check chains, pinch collars etc. are NOT PERMITTED.

  • All dogs to be on leash unless approved by an instructor.

  • No equipment to be used, unless supervised by an instructor.

  • Harsh handling will NOT be tolerated.

  • All faeces ANYWHERE on the grounds must be removed by the handler and placed in the appropriate receptacle.

  • Handlers are responsible for their own dog(s) AT ALL TIMES.

  • Handlers are to help set up equipment prior to commencement of class and to put equipment away at the end of class.

  • A current vaccination certificate (antigen based C5 or above) is to be produced annually for every dog. Alternatively, a current certificate of titre testing providing adequate antibody levels for distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus AND a current vaccination certificate for canine cough, covering a minimum of parainfluenza and bordetella bronchiseptica is to be produced annually for every dog.

  • Any dog exposed to a contagious disease (eg. Kennel cough, parvovirus) is to be excluded from all Suncoast Fundogs activities for a period of 21 days from the onset of clinical signs. The committee reserves the right to request veterinary clearance prior to any dog returning to Suncoast Fundogs activities.

  • NO bitches in oestrum allowed on the grounds

  • Restricted breeds, in full or part, which include the American Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Argentine Fighting Dog, and Brazilian Fighting Dog are not permitted on the grounds.  We reserve the right to request a DNA test when a restricted breed is suspected.

  • We reserve the right to refuse membership to an aggressive dog

  • We reserve the right to have a dog muzzled

  • Handlers to accept complete responsibility for any damage done to any person, dog or property, by their dog(s).

  • Children must be at least 9 years of age to participate in class. Children under 16 years of age must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times.

  • Smoking is NOT permitted in class

  • All handlers to set up and pack away equipment.   

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